Go Paddle

Over the past several years existing members of the club have brought canoes, kayaks & paddle boards down the club and have enjoyed the exercise of paddling up and down the creek, occasionally so enthusiastic for more time on the water appearing at 6 am on a weekday. As of 2011 the club now welcomes memberships from those wishing to use the club as a base for canoeing, kayaking or paddle boarding rather than sailing. As with the sailing the quiet of the creek provides a sheltered environment with a slow tide flow and, with the exception of sailing race days, very little traffic to worry about. The upper reaches of the river crouch can be easily explored by leaving the creek.

For a relatively small fee canoes, kayaks & paddle boards can be kept on club grounds in the dinghy park within a very short distance of the ramps. The only restriction on when the water can be used is the tides.

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