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Each member is part of 1 of the 3 types of membership below. In addition there is a modest joining fee for new members (except associate members), charges for storing boats and a fee to Crouch Harbour Authority that is collected through the club.

Membership Type Fee
Adult Sailing £90
Junior £15
Associate £20
Additional Fees Fee Description
Summer Boat Park £25 Payable per boat stored at the club through the summer.
Winter Boat Park £10 Payable if boat in dinghy park after 1st December.
(CHA) Crouch Harbour Fee £30 Applies to all regular users of the river crouch.  Not levied, but collected through the club.
( Please note that the CHA will increase this after 31st March to £40 )
(CHA) Crouch Harbour Fee for Junior Boats £10 Applies to boats only sailed by Junior members under 16 instead of the full CHA Fee above.
Key Deposit £6 First years membership only.

Example: Existing Adult Sailing Membership with 1 boat only in dinghy park for summer:

Single+Summer Boat Storage+CHA = 90+25+30 = £145

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