Each member is part of 1 of the 3 types of membership below. In addition there is a modest joining fee for new members (except associate members), charges for storing boats and a fee to Crouch Harbour Authority that is collected through the club.

Membership Type Fee
Adult Sailing £90
Junior £15
Associate £20
Additional Fees Fee Description
Summer Boat Park £25 Payable per boat stored at the club through the summer.
Winter Boat Park £10 Payable if boat in dinghy park after 1st December.
(CHA) Crouch Harbour Fee

(CHA) Crouch Harbour Fee for Junior Boats

£45.35 *


Applies to all dinghies with adult users of the river crouch. 

Applies to boats  sailed only by 18 year old’s and under

Not levied, but collected through the club.

Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard, SUP £5.48 Registration and payment is only available through the CHA Website.
Key Deposit £6 First years membership only.

Example: Existing Adult Sailing Membership with 1 boat only in dinghy park for summer:

Single+Summer Boat Storage+CHA = 90+25+45.35 = £160.35


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