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If you’ve looked at the racing calendar you might noticed a large number of strangely named races! Some of these are for historical reasons or occur near a specific date, others indicate unusual formats and these can be found below. Many of these special races are specifically for two man boats, however if you’ve got a single handed boat there’s normally a Presidents series race on the same day.

Battlesbridge trophy

This is the race where we try and sail as far up river past the “Upper” race mark to Battlebridge as possible. The river quickly becomes even narrower then the creek at the start line. Winds typically become light and shifty if we get close to the bridge due to the buildings.

Brandy Hole Plate

Rather then turning right when exiting the creek into the main river, this race, at the discretion of the OOD, turns left downstream towards the site of the former Brandy Hole Yacht Club. Expect stronger tides, steady winds but some moored boats in the way.

Breakfast Race

As the name suggests this race starts while most people are still in bed. After the race a full cooked breakfast aids the recovery from getting up too early.

Caton Junior

A race where the helm of the boat must be a junior member ( under 18 ). If in a two man boat the crew can be any age.

Consolation Race

This a race that’s only open to those who did not win a points trophy race or series during the preceding 12 months. Usually a email is sent out containing a list of names of those that won something and can’t take part. If you find yourself on duty for this race then someone thinks your going to have a good year!

Crew’s Race

In this race the crew a helm of two-man boat swap positions for the entire race, therefore giving the crew a chance to steer for the whole race.

Eyott Plate

An interclub team race between Eyott, Up River and South Woodham YC’s. The 3 best placed boats from each club decide the winner.

Mirror Jug and Eyott Bottle

These two races can only be entered by two-handed boats that are actually being sailed by 2 people. ( Such boats are often raced single handed ). If you’ve got a two-handed boat but normally sail single-handed this is a good chance to try sailing with someone else.

Personal Handicap Races

The objective here is to give every helm an equal chance of winning, regardless of ability. In these races each helm is given a personal handicap by the Sailing Secretary. Those considered the slowest will start first and those the fastest start last. The winner is the boat in lead after a predetermined race length. In theory everyone should arrive at the finish line at the same time.

Fair Maid and Sarah Jane – For two-handed boats only.

Kaye Darby and Peter Dale – For all boats.

Turnabout Race

A race for two-handed boats in which the helm and crew change places at every mark of the course. There are 2 categories, one for regular helm and crew, the other (masters) where both are competent helms. This gives a wonderful opportunity for crews to show that they can helm too!

Up River Regatta

Every year Up River Yacht Club hold a regatta with a race open to members of other clubs which we normally attend. This normally involves launching from Eyott earlier then normal, turning left at the end of creek and then starting the race from their start line. Courses are normally held in a smaller area then normal in front of Up River in order to provide the public with some entertainment and demonstrate how much fun sailing is. This is good chance to race against Up River’s high standard dinghy sailors. Some years this event forms part of “Bart’s Bash”, which is a combined race held in hundreds venues around the world on the day.

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